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NEW ALBUM COMING UP in 2018! Daniel B. Prothèse vs. Edwin Vanvinckenroye - 99.9 CD
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Double album 2017

'SILENT MUSIC / Renascens'

“ ‘SILENT MUSIC / Renascens’ is a synthesis of different styles and backgrounds. The song structures, a typical non-sense language and arousing rhythms are its starting point.

Edwin Vanvinckenroye has a strong musical background and has created his own sound both instrumentally as vocally. On ‘SILENT MUSIC / Renascens’ he explores the possibilities of creating a new musical language, making use of self-designed instruments and an own language.

The warm tones of the acoustic viola d’amore, bratch, viola and vocals are combined with the powerful expression of imaginary sounds. It is bodily, yet cultivated acoustically. Energy is the protagonist, crossover performing… nourishing the instrument and the intense communication between the violin, the voice and yourself as a listener! It never leaves you unimpressed. Not hard though touching. Not unbiased though accessible. Not classic but contemporary.
‘SILENT MUSIC / Renascens’ is an album with panache, opening up new horizons wherever possible”.


fRoots Contemporary Folk From Flanders 2016

Tribe & Troissoeur